Thin Film Evaporation Technology

Mode of Operation
The feed product is distributed by the rotor and its wipers evenly over the heating surface forming a thin liquid film of uniform thickness. Highly turbulent swirls are produced at the tip of the rotor blades and wipers with intensive mixing and agitation of the product as it comes into contact with the heating surface. These assure excellent heat transfer combined with constant renewal of the product film, thereby providing for an even heating and short residence time of the product through the heated zone.

Versatile Efficiency and Application Diversity

The thin film evaporator can be used to concentrate, refine or recover a value product through distillation or similar thermal separation processes. Due to its inherent design features, it is ideal for thermal treatment of viscous media and heat sensitive products where reduced operating temperatures and vacuum operating pressures are desirable.

Thin Film Dryer

The thin film dryer is a special design of the thin film evaporator used in chemical, pharmaceutical and related industries. There are two types of thin-film dryers, vertical and horizontal dryers.


The product to be dried is distributed in the form of a thin layer on the heating surface by means of a rotor. Depending on the design of the dryer, the rotor is equipped with different wiper elements.

Design Criteria

  • GIG Karasek has made a significant investment in designing new state of the art rotors.
  • A new special pillow plate high pressure steam thermal jackets has been developed.
  • New designs are available to eliminate the need for a bottom bearing.
  • A special configuration has been installed in state of the art biodiesel plants for glycerine purification and recovery.

Each of these designs has proven to increase uptime and reduce costly maintenance.

FULL JACKET Steam, hot oil, hot water Most common high performance type; best dry running properties
HALF-PIPE EXTERNAL COILS Metal wipers of standard geometry and shape Economic / high performance type
ECOFILM P Ecofilm with insert blade tips made of synthetic materials Low wear / high performance type
SPRINGFILM Spring-loaded Ecofilm wipers For sticky media
DRYFILM Pendulum type wiper blades
PUREFILM Rigid blade rotor No impurities in bottoms product
PUREFILM S Rigid blade rotor with reduced dead spaces Can be completely cleaned & sterilized
ROLLERFILM Roller type wipers For simple distillation tasks
FULL JACKET Steam, hot oil, hot water