The Short Path Evaporator operates in principle similar to a high performance Thin Film Evaporator. The main difference is that the vapor chamber is additionally equipped with a built-in internal condenser, which results in an extremely short distance between the heating surface and the condensing surface, thus minimizing the pressure drop sustained during condensing duty.

Their usage covers a broad range of applications from high evaporation rates to fine vacuum distillation with operating pressures at the heating surface in the range down to 0.001 mbar.


Properties / Advantages

  • Low pressure drops at high evaporation rates in fine vacuum range (0.001 to 1 mbar) and also in the medium vacuum range (1 to 10 mbar) the Short Path Evaporator offers advantages. The boiling point corresponds exactly to the pressure measured due to the negligible pressure drop of the vapor stream.

Gentle evaporation

  • Since the built-in internal condenser can handle high vapor volumes, products whose boiling points at normal pressures are often higher than the temperature at which the product decomposes can be vaporized or distilled with a gentle thermal loading under very low vacuum pressures. A short path evaporator by its inherent design can distill heat sensitive products by its ability to operate reliably at pressures as low as 0.001 mbar. Under such conditions, short path distillation is a superior solution for thermal separation of products, which conventional thermal processes are unable to separate.
  • Efficient separation of entrained droplets. Some products tend to splash due to localized and spontaneous vaporization. An efficient and dynamic droplet separator acting like a splash guard prevents such entrainments from reaching the condenser.
  • Quasi-fractionated distillate removal. Condensate collection channels can be installed along the internal condenser tube bundle, hence, making it possible to remove distinct distillate fractions and thus obtain different product qualities.

SPE Short Description Features/Properties
POWERMOL Solid metal wipers of special geometry and shape Most common high performance type; best dry running properties
ECOMOL Solid metal wipers of standard geometry and shape Economic / high performance type
ECOMNOL P Ecofilm with insert blade tips made of synthetic materials Low wear / high performance type
ROLLERMOL Roller-type wiper For simple distillation tasks
Types Of Heating
Full jacket: steam, hot oil, hot water
Half-pipe external coils: steam, hot oil
Single embossed pillow plate: steam
Drive: gear drive motor with or without frequency converter
Shaft sealing: Single & double mechanical seal, magnetic coupling