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Using InCon’s process knowledge and GIG Karasek's processes and internationally acclaimed fabrication expertise, we will design, fabricate, test, deliver, and startup your system. GIG Karasek, the world’s largest thin film system fabricator has built thousands of systems and has extensive fabrication capacity of up to 100 ton vessels in just about any metallurgy required, with specific expertise in Titanium and Inconel. The result will be on time, on budget, and will meet agreed-upon specifications.

As a Toll Processing Manufacturing company, InCon Processing developed technical and service expertise to keep our plants up and running. So we at InCon Process Systems (IPS) use the same process and technical methodology that maintains the systems 24 hours a day, 7 days a week is available to keep your process up and running.

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These products and applications are also known as Wiped Film Evaporators, Agitated Thin Film Evaporators, Short Path Distillation, Toll Distillation, Wiped Film Distillation, Agitated Thin Film Distillation, Monomer Distillation, Polymer Distillation, Vacuum Distillation and High Vacuum Distillation.

Did you know that………

InCon Process Systems (IPS) was selected for design, building, construction and commissioning for a High Nutritional Red Palm Oil Vacuum Distillation Plant in Indonesia. The plant employed two of the world’s largest Short Path Distillation Evaporators. The InCon Palm Oil Molecular Distillation Process was selected since the process could recover maximum nutritional content in Palm Oil.

IPS can contract manufacture the same High Nutritional Red Palm Oil by Molecular Distillation in our Toll Processing Plant. Or we can recover any nutritional compound from a Biodiesel Process.

We installed the world’s largest Biodiesel Wiped Film Evaporator Dryer to vacuum distillation process to recovery pharmaceutical grade glycerine.
Using POWERFILM Rotor Technology and IPS’s best manufacturing practice, InCon has shrunk a two-stage Wiped or Thin Film Evaporator Process to one stage. Savings on the Molecular Distillation System were 40%.

POWERFILM Wiped Film and Short Path Evaporator Rotor Technology has increased capacity by up to 30% when replacing a competitive Wiped or Thin Film Evaporator and Short Path Evaporator.

GIG Karasek utilizes Wiped Film Evaporator and Short Path Evaporator technology in their Vacuum Distillation Lactic Acid Process and can offer clients up to 95% recovery of Lactic Acid. This Vacuum Distillation Process can maximize yield, however the final result is often dependent upon limitations peculiar to a client’s specific chemistry.

IPS has developed a multi step process to concentrate Omega 3 Fish Oil to up to 70%. The process employs a staggered array of Vacuum Distillation Rectification feeding a Short Path Evaporator, feeding a second Short Path Evaporator, and a Wiped or Thin Film Evaporator.

IPS and GIG Karasek can fabricate Short Path Evaporator, Wiped Film Evaporator, and Thin Film Evaporator Technology in Hastelloy, Inconel, Monel, Titanium, Zirconium or other exotic alloys. In fact GIG Karasek has been fabricating world class Titanium since 1954. Customers bring their proprietary heat exchanger, column, reactor, and falling film evaporator designs for us to fabricate.

Is Your Process Limiting You?

InCon draws on our extensive experience and adds the expertise developed over decades by GIG Karasek in the design and production of Falling Film, Forced Circulation, Thin Film and Molecular Distillation Evaporators.

Often a client will approach us with a constraint on their process such as:

  • Unacceptable residual impurity levels
  • High monomer level in polymer or silicone oils
  • Off specification color
  • Costly process equipment failures
  • Excessively high distillation temperature
  • Inadequate nutritional product yield
  • Cumbersome multi-step evaporations
  • High melt point polymer or wax

Would you like to tap into the best available separation technology for your chemistry or process area? Then you might like to know that we provided leading edge technology for:

  • The World’s Largest Biodiesel Glycerine Dryer, replacing a failing competitor's dryer
  • Lactic Acid Purification Processes; making highest purity lactic acid at maximum recoveries
  • Titanium & special metallurgy fabrication of evaporators, reactors and heat exchangers. Details are at
  • Fischer-Tropsch Wax Distillation systems.

If you did not call InCon, you probably paid too much for your Molecular Distillation System and you may have missed profitable opportunities to make a more valuable product.

Introducing New Efficiency in Wiped Film Evaporation & Short Path Distillation

Are you certain that you are getting the best available performance from your Wiped Film Evaporator or Short Path Distillation System? If the answer is "no" or "maybe", then you really need to evaluate the POWERFILM Rotor Technology at InCon's Toll Processing Plant and Technical Center near Chicago, IL.

POWERFILM employs a proprietary GIG Karasek Balanced Blade design that virtually eliminates vibration, maximizes evaporation performance while minimizing wear forces during idle time periods.

POWERFILM Rotors have provided up to 30% more capacity compared to other Wiped Film Evaporators and Short Path Evaporator in side by side evaluations.

  • You can plan for much longer time between shutdowns. We have eliminated the most likely single point of failure in existing designs. There is no bottom bearing, so you will not need to shutdown for bearing maintenance.

  • POWERFILM Technology has reduced the residual impurity level tenfold in one application replacing a competitive rotor!

  • On a recent project, we replaced a 2 stage process with one stage of high performance POWERFILM Technology. Consider the cost savings if you can cut your hardware investments in half.

Interested? You have to call us to start the process of design, testing and technical improvement. E-mail us to get literature or call me to discuss applying this revolutionary technology in your process.

Download the literature about our equipment and processing technology.

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Six Examples of POWERFILM Rotor Technology

Do you have one of the following problems? If so, we can implement significant improvements for you right now.

You must make costly fixed clearance rotor repair of more than $30,000 or face plant shutdown.

Plant uptime is compromised due to lower bearing failure or mandatory lower bearing replacement.

Off -spec residual impurity levels cause costly rework and lost profits on your valuable product.

You must install another stage of purification or lower your throughput to meet your specifications, because your Thin Film Evaporator cannot keep up with your evolving product quality requirements.

Is your installed Thin Film Evaporator causing performance problems? When you ask them, does your vendor lack the real answers that you need for your rapidly changing requirements?

In addition to developing new applications for clients, the GIG Karasek POWERFILM Technology may be suitable as a drop in replacement for any of the following existing technologies:

  • Luwa
  • LCI
  • Pfaudler
  • UIC


e-mail: Ralph Scully
Or phone: 630-305-8556

Do You Need Efficiency in Laboratory Molecular Distillation?

InCon Process Systems helps you quickly isolate the formulations that you require.

Do you have custom formulations that you must be sampled to customers to secure new higher profit specialty business?

Need to get the look and feel of Molecular Distillation Process without spending $15,000 for a Pilot Plant Test or $175,000 for a Custom Pilot Plant?

If you do, this is the system that we use every day at InCon. Here is what our customers tell us:

  • “We use this system just about every day testing critical separations prior to manufacturing runs.”
  • “This is a value and was half the price of another comparable system.”
  • “We could not stay on spec during our campaigns if we did not use the Laboratory System to benchmark our splits in real time.”
  • “This is our Production Unit for the highly specialized essential oils we produce.”

Interested? Call us at 630-305-8556 to start the process of design, testing and technical improvement. E-mail us to get literature or call me to discuss applying this revolutionary technology in your process.

This is a complete system, ready to install in your laboratory. The System includes all the components you need to get started.

Solving A Seven Year Problem - Ending Significant Costly Shutdowns for a Major Client

Question: Do you experience significant costly shutdowns and would you like a supplier to prove 100% up-time in their own commercial plant? Shouldn’t you lock in your ROI before you invest?

This client installed the world’s largest Short Path Evaporator to replace a residue recovery system that was plagued with costly shutdowns. They ran their material for one week at InCon’s Toll Processing Plant and the system was squeaky clean after a one week continuous run!

Now production recovery runs will run continuously without incident at rates of up to 15,000 PPH. The system weighs over 150,000 pounds and shipped in two sections.

Our confidential client looked for seven years to find a suitable process. Every major supplier was tested, and they stopped testing when they found GIG Karasek Technology.

Here are comments from management as they selected GIG Karasek:

“It came down to two final suppliers and InCon and GIG Karasek had the largest capacity and showed us the plant could run for seven days without shutdown. Also, GIG Karasek really understood our process.”

The key was the POWERFILM Rotor Technology, the state of the art wiper system developed by GIG Karasek to limit fouling and provide superior performance.

To receive a presentation or more information email Ralph Scully.

Is It Time To Invest In New Technology?

Question: If your old vendor offered you the same technology as they did 25 years ago, wouldn’t you invest in modern technology to limit rising maintenance costs?

One of the world’s largest Oil Recycling Centers is using GIG Karasek Technology on their expansion.

This client came to GIG Karasek after a 25 year installation history with another major supplier of Thin Film Evaporation.

“Why change after all these years?” we asked. Here is why the client selected InCon’s GIG Karasek technology in their own words:

  • “This technology is very well thought out compared to what we are using and has features that will enhance uptime greatly.”
  • “We can see tremendous advances have been made in the last 25 years over what we have been using.”
  • “The most cooperative supplier at a competitive price.”
  • “The numerous site visits showed that InCon wanted to learn about our process and operability concerns. Your design showed that you listened.”

To receive a presentation or more information email Ralph Scully.


The World's Largest Thin Film Short Path Evaporator

Question: Do you have applications so large your Thin Film Supplier cannot scale up? Shouldn’t you gain economy of scale in your large process and not be limited by suppliers who think small?

We recently described starting up the World’s Largest Short Path Evaporator. Now GIG Karasek has completed another client benchmark challenge. Here is the challenge:

  • Build it bigger to meet our growing world class plant throughputs!
  • Design the technology and fabricate it to our specifications and do it in record time under a penalty contract
  • While you are working, build not one but TWO systems
  • Meet the intense scrutiny of a competitive bid analysis as the client visited every major evaporator workshop in the world

Our client maintains strict controls over technical disclosure. What we can tell you is that these two World’s Largest Thin Film Evaporators:

  • Are installed in a process where a competitor’s Thin Film Evaporators have failed
  • Have an inside diameter of over 2000 mm
  • Have a total length of 13 meters
  • Weigh in at a whopping 65 tons empty
  • Are operating on specification continuously

Our client told us that the key to meeting performance specifications was the GIG Karasek POWERFILM Rotor Technology. This state of the art wiper system was developed by GIG Karasek to limit fouling, provide superior evaporation, and give superior operating uptime performance.

To receive a presentation or more information email Ralph Scully.

Case Study: Saving Money By Improving Equipment

Question: When you expand, do you challenge yourself to improve upon unacceptable performance? Why accept inferior technology from your supplier?

Another client was tired of $30,000 rotor repair bills from their current supplier. They replaced the former technology with GIG Karasek POWERFILM Rotor Technology.

The plant manager approached InCon with two major complaints:

“The bottom bearing shuts me down twice a year and I lose production time costs of $20,000.”

“I just paid $30,000 to have my fixed clearance rotor repaired and was out of business for two weeks!”

We presented GIG Karasek’s POWERFILM Technology a modern self balancing design with no bottom bearing . This eliminates nuisance costly bearing shutdown failures. Savings are $40,000 per year!

POWERFILM Rotors have more wear tolerance built into their design. This customer had just paid $30,000 to re-machine, rebalance and reinstall.

And for blade wear after 10 years, merely replace the few worn blades in your plant shop. Savings will be $100,000 for lesser downtime; $25,000 by eliminating outside work.

Bottom line: Management replaced the old technology with POWERFILM.

To receive a presentation or more information email Ralph Scully.

GIG Karasek Opens Development Center for Evaporation and Thermal Separation Technology

With an investment of almost $4,000,000, GIG Karasek has created the most comprehensive array of Falling Film Evaporator, Wiped Film Evaporator, Molecular Distillation and Wiped Film Drying Technology.

The following testing modules are available:


You can try any or all technologies in one place to prove feasibility and generate samples and data for scale up.

The range of capacities is from kilogram quantities to about one ton small batch campaigns.

Testing Centers are available in Austria and USA.

To receive a presentation or more information email Ralph Scully.