Fine Chemicals 

  • Separation of nitric acid from organic high boiling liquids
  • Separation of butane (butyne) diol from high boiling liquids
  • Recovery of methanol from high boiling liquids
  • Recovery of xylenol (dimethylphenol) from a purification solution
  • Removal of hexane from PP and PE waxes
  • Drying of salt via the evaporation of water and solvent
  • Separation of phenol from bituminous coal pitch
  • Distillation of starting products for the production of insecticides
  • Separation of byproducts in the production of synthetic fibers


  • Distillation of TDI, HDI and MDI (isocyanates)
  • Final removal of toluene from epoxy resin
  • Separation of THF from polymers
  • Distillation of trimethylpropane from high boiling liquids
  • Recovery of solvents from synthetic resin production
  • Lactic acid, starch and sugar

Lactic Acid, starch and sugar

  • Upgrading and distillation of lactic acid
  • Upgrading of tartaric acid derivatives
  • Concentration of sweetening agents
  • Concentration of modified starch


  • Concentration of active ingredient solutions
  • Distillation of pharmaceutical substances
  • Upgrading of substances for artificial feeding

Oleochemicals, Fatty Acids,Biodiesel

  • Separation of dioxin from surfactants
  • Removal of free fatty acids from mon, di and triglycerides
  • Distillation of monoglycerides
  • Distillation of fatty acids from tall oil
  • Distillation of fatty acid methyl esters
  • Separation of residual glycerine from residues in biodiesel production (glycerine dryer)


  • Drying of industrial sludge
  • Drying & pre-concentration of municipal sewage sludge
  • Drying of hydroxide sludge
  • Drying of inorganic salt solutions
  • Drying of preliminary and intermediate products from chemical industry
  • Drying of suspensions, pastes and moist solids into powder
  • Drying of lubricants for forging industry