Is Your Process Limiting You?

InCon draws on our extensive experience and adds the expertise developed over decades by GIG Karasek in the design and production of Falling Film, Forced Circulation, Thin Film and Molecular Distillation Evaporators. 

Often a client will approach us with a constraint on their process such as: 

  • Unacceptable residual impurity levels 
  • High monomer level in polymer or silicone oils 
  • Off specification color 
  • Costly process equipment failures
  • Excessively high distillation temperature
  • Inadequate nutritional product yield
  • Cumbersome multi-step evaporations
  • High melt point polymer or wax

Would you like to tap into the best available separation technology for your chemistry or process area? Then you might like to know that we provided leading edge technology for: 

  • The World’s Largest Biodiesel Glycerine Dryer, replacing a failing competitor's dryer
  • Lactic Acid Purification Processes; making highest purity lactic acid at maximum recoveries 
  • Titanium & special metallurgy fabrication of evaporators, reactors and heat exchangers. Details are at 
  • Fischer-Tropsch Wax Distillation systems

If you did not call InCon, you probably paid too much for your Molecular Distillation System and you may have missed profitable opportunities to make a more valuable product.