Introducing New Efficiency in Wiped Film Evaporation & Short Path Distillation

Are you certain that you are getting the best available performance from your Wiped Film Evaporator or Short Path Distillation System? If the answer is "no" or "maybe", then you really need to evaluate the POWERFILM Rotor Technology at InCon's Toll Processing Plant and Technical Center near Chicago, IL. 

POWERFILM employs a proprietary GIG Karasek Balanced Blade design that virtually eliminates vibration, maximizes evaporation performance while minimizing wear forces during idle time periods. 

POWERFILM Rotors have provided up to 30% more capacity compared to other Wiped Film Evaporators and Short Path Evaporator in side by side evaluations. 

  • You can plan for much longer time between shutdowns. We have eliminated the most likely single point of failure in existing designs. There is no bottom bearing, so you will not need to shutdown for bearing maintenance.
  • POWERFILM Technology has reduced the residual impurity level tenfold in one application replacing a competitive rotor!
  • On a recent project, we replaced a 2 stage process with one stage of high performance POWERFILM Technology. Consider the cost savings if you can cut your hardware investments in half.

Interested? You have to call us to start the process of design, testing and technical improvement. E-mail us to get literature or call me to discuss applying this revolutionary technology in your process. 

Download the literature about our equipment and processing technology.

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